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The Korean Society of Peripheral Nervous System (KNPS) was first found in 2008 with the goal of sharing experiences in the field of the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Unlike other fields in the general neuroscience, factors such as surgical techniques, treatment methods, statistical data, related to the PNS were limited. With the increase in the living age of mankind, the number of degenerative diseases has increased dramatically and more and more peripheral diseases become more complicated and difficult to treat. Nevertheless, there are only a handful of societies that solely focus on the PNS. KNPS can meet the needs of both academic and surgical aspects of the disease and are willing to open up opportunities to anyone who is will to make a change. We provide annual hands on cadaver work-shops and host academic symposiums to share knowledge and make improvements.

We live in a new-normal era where we are experiencing turbulent changes in our life style, especially after COVID-19. The increase of PNS related disease is inevitable and KNPS is ready to accept this change and overcome the difficulties.